Preparing For Your Photo Session

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sb240530-16sb240530-16 In order to make the most of your photo session, here are some helpful suggestions for you...


When selecting your outfits, consider what the weather will be like so that you are not too hot or too cold. 

Do not wear anything too tight or too loose. Both will disappoint you when you see the finished portrait.

Do not wear colors that are too close to your skin tone. If you are light-complected, wear darker tones to compliment your face. If you have a darker complexion, you can go lighter or darker but make sure that is enough difference to benefit you.

Once you have selected your outfits, I recommend that you send a pic of each outfit to me so that I can plan your session. When you photograph your outfits, I suggest that you wear them as you do so in order to make sure that they fit well and you like how they look on you.

When I receive your outfit photos, I will put them in order going from dressiest to most casual. Another factor that I look at is avoiding any clothes that will leave an imprint on your shoulders, arms or legs. For example, dresses or shorts come before jeans because the jeans will leave an imprint on each side of your legs if they are snug. Some tops will leave imprints on your shoulders or arms so I start with the least material on your shoulders and then go to the fullest.

Depending on the location, you may be changing outfits in your car or my pop-up changing tent. 


Bring a brush to touch up your hair from time to time. 

Be careful when changing your outfits so that you do not rub off any of your makeup.

Lips often need attention so that they do not appear pale or dry.

If you have shiny skin, translucent powder is great to smooth out your skin tones.

Check your fingernails and toenails to see if they need any maintenance. It is better to take off all of the polish than to leave some on that is looking rough.


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